Touch bar models The new MacBook Pro SSDs can not be taken off

Can not replace the SSD, the user will have to think about when to buy his or her need for much storage space.

In the previous reports, we have learned that the 13-inch entry version of a MacBook Pro (no Touch bar) SSD can be demolished. As well as the Touch bar version of the model, it appears to be not the same thing.For Repair sector repair shop can’t change ssd with regard to touch bar verison now,macbook replacement parts vendor will not have SSD for you at all.
Lately a user has received a Touch bar form of the new MacBook Pro, a foreign user inside dismantling of the 15-inch Touch bar version of the MacBook Pro found, and the entry version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro is different, the former SSD was welded to death The system board can not be removed. Another individual also revealed that the 13-inch Touch bar form of the Macbook Pro’s SSD can not be removed.

Taking into account the SSD can not be replaced, which means that the Touch bar version of your MacBook Pro users can not upgrade to some larger storage space. That is to say once you buy Apple’s official website, you should consider how much SSD you need to use, in the event the standard storage space can not pick you up, then it can be customized on-demand, in case missed opportunities, there is no misgivings . It is worth mentioning this is the first time Apple can not be eliminated SSD MacBook Pro, the same, 12-inch Macbook SSD can not be demolished precisely the same.

From the picture, we can additionally see that there is a considerable round the battery, close to the index finger wide gap, guess Apple to do so is to lessen the overall weight of the tool and bring better air circulation. Moreover, Touch bar models of fan placement along with internal structure and the regular function key models are very different.


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