Iphone 8 three models: OLED models the costliest small screen unparalleled snapshot

This is what you want to know the iphone 8, more expensive, but there are OLED + dual camera is not purchasing buy? Unparalleled small dimensions to continue to force no totally obvious features.


Apple’s new generation involving smart phones iphone 7 series has been basically launched for quite some time, and today to purchase the users should have almost started off. However, there are some users decide to continue to wait, most of them usually are “enough party” and “wait and see party. The so-called “enough party” generally refers to the normal use of iphone 6s or 6s Plus or even previously models can still meet, as well as “wait and see the party” is more aspire to be able to appear a revolutionary, and don’t hesitate to start A new age group of iphone products, always worried about the progress of the completely new iphone rumors to see if they arrive at their satisfaction level.

The rumor is this:

We do not understand iphone 8 is not the next generation of products, for the reason that theoretically there are iphone 7s this creation. However, the rumors frequently think that Apple to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iphone, for example, named the iphone 8, and these nights the new rumors on the iphone 8 is quite a bit. Some analysts in the report back to the customer, in particular, broke good news of several new highlights:

Borderless design, accounting for a huge screen
– Probably a hyperbolic display screen
– 4.7 inches into 5 inches
– 5.5 inches to 5.8 inches

However, rumors have grown so:

In 2017, Apple is expected to produce three new models of the particular iphone, only one with OLED display screen, although the other two will continue to utilize the TFT-LCD screen. At the same time, 5.5-inch Plus remains exclusive dual cameras, Several.7-inch models will not be provided. Iphone 8 screen Specifically summarized as follows:
– 4.7 inch iphone, TFT-LCD screen, conventional single camera
– 5.5 inch iphone, TFT-LCD monitor, dual camera
– 5.5 inch iphone, OLED screen, dual camera

2017 models iphone cellphone dual-camera models will be 30% -40% range to 65% – 75%, Taiwan’s big photoelectric will be wide-angle and telephoto lens exclusive supplier.

The actual forecast is as follows:

Apple upcoming year’s next-generation large-size iphone to retain dual-lens setting, and further strengthened, in addition to wide-angle, your telephoto lens will also be equipped with OIS eye image stabilization technology, and further significantly enhanced optical glide and digital zoom, Provide more powerful software features. However, Apple is very wise move, will remain exclusively Plus model benefits.

Turning to the latest camera changes in particular, the latest upgrade may make the next generation regarding dual-lens models of the iphone cost raises, about 30 to 40 dollars on price, the only unfriendly to the consumer is the fuselage will also increase the fat of concrete Ranging from about 30% to about 40%.


In addition, iphone 8 will technically return to all-glass design, from the visual point of view, a bit similar to the typical iphone 4 and iphone 4s style, are the returning of the glass panel protection. The purpose of doing so is actually quite easy, although many users are very attracted to iphone 7 series bright black high gloss appearance, but has been proven easy to scratch, at least several metal models of the iphone are usually more than high-strength glass scratch.

All-glass design can almost confirm, simply because in August this year, Japan’s major commercial paper media Nikkei likewise broke the news that pick up Apple will redesign the iphone, mainly the glass to build the case, possibly by the Foxconn production. However, a new generation of iphone is not just having a positive screen, but almost all-glass layout, jaw sinking physical household key will no longer appear of course, will be embedded together with the fingerprint sensor in to the front glass panel which, integrated.

Finally, to tell the truth on the OLED screen, Apple has long been observed, even so the real use of the OLED screen merchandise only Apple Watch and the new MacBook Pro Touch bar, iphone, zero obvious signs of being seen. Recently, Sharp CEO has publicly stated that the future iphone will probably use their OLED screen, yet that has to wait until after 2019. For that reason, rumors generally believe that Samsung and LG have now won a Apple OLED display orders, only the real capacity increase.

Apple sustained differentiation model pushed up the regular price of big money

Needless to say, nonetheless look at these models you can foresee that the new 5.5-inch OLED forms of the price of the current iphone 7 plus than the beginning price of 6388 yuan more expensive. Apple differentiation method is still continuing to make this type of decision on the surface is to clear up the problem of initial generation capacity OLED, but in fact is to iphone much more grades, to promote a higher typical selling price. After two or three numerous observation, Apple seems to have realized that rrndividuals are more value for their models that spend money, no matter how much expensive.

When Cook was asked precisely why the iphone 7 plus price 20 dollars above last year, he attributed the newest exclusive dual camera system. But Cook likewise admits that Apple’s goal is actually comparatively fair pricing, not more neither less. Cook in the mouth with fair pricing, specifically associated with what we do not know, but in March this year, Apple released a history of the most cost effective iphone model “iPhone SE”, than before the old primary iphone price after the price even cheaper .

No matter how rumors, put together with all the rumors, when the brand-new generation of iphone officially produced when the smaller size of your iphone is expected to not have dual camera construction, when to buy a unique iphone, In my opinion more users will look to The most expensive OLED models, because a lot of users that since increasingly more money, why not set the ideal iphone is not the determination to buy.


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