Very Nice all-glass iphone 8 concept design, let’s take a peek

Recently, we have seen a lot around the iphone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors, so we likewise see that more and more iphone 8 concept style and design will appear. Today, we also located a new iphone 8 concept design, the designer presents us by using a modeling angular, the use of all-glass build iphone 8.


To be positive, Apple has received a lot of related patents, hence next year’s iphone 8 to use all-glass to construct is not a strange thing. All things considered, next year is the birth with the tenth anniversary of the iphone, we are looking forward to it will have a revolutionary style and design.


We see that the iphone 8 will also configure the surface screen, and it will possess a surround-type screen, the designers additionally mentioned that the iphone 8 concept pattern inspired by Galaxy S8 concept layout, and the surface screen is going to Will bring users a lot of brand-new applications and useful features.


In addition to the appearance of extremely angular, this concept iphone 8 will also be configured some speakers, stereo surround sound is obviously indispensable, but at the same time, it’ll likewise configure an iris scanner.


In accordance with rumors, the next generation of the iphone might be equipped with SLR advanced spectroscopy engineering, and designers also pray that this rumor can come correct.Then iphone 8 can be more powerful pertaining to take photos,and it planning to need more high-end iphone parts eapeically rear camera aspect.


As for the concept of the iPhone 8 is also used in the cup we are familiar with Corning, and Gorilla glass 5 glass will be bundled dust and water plus fingerprint reader.

This concept iphone 8 many technology is likely to be achieved next year, while iphone 8 design is difficult to predict, and also hope it can maintain a attractive style at the same time, more ground-breaking.


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