Samsung folding mobile phone patent photo exposure is expected to be released throughout 2017


The project, code-named Project Valley’s Samsung Foldable Smartphone Project, was released last year by the media, with the announcement that the model will be released for the MWC in 2017 at the Spanish World Congress on Mobile Communications.

Recently, a small grouping of Samsung patent applications in Mexico was exposed to the file, so that the outside world have the opportunity for more information regarding this mysterious foldable cell phone may design style. Mobile phone has to be large straight plate, collapsable at the hinge design, along with Microsoft’s Surface Book to some degree similar.

In essence, this is a thin and flexible device, folded up in the future will take up less space or room, you can put it into your pants pocket or purse, when you need to use it can be expanded. According to the record description, the machine will also be designed with a button, the user presses the actual button the phone will instantly expand.

Some analysts said that by the end of next year, Samsung will have a per month production capacity of Millions of 7-inch flexible OLED screen. This determine sounds very exaggerated, nevertheless to take into account the folding phone may set off a wave of the future, and not only Samsung in with the introduction of this design, Apple also are reported in the next iphone 8 plus on the intro This flexible OLED screen style.

Collapsible smart phones currently have two design options: outward bending or inward bending, since the bending amplitude is larger, so the latter is more difficult to achieve more. In addition, the mobile phone screen and battery will also bring several difficulty to R & D. Kolon Industries, Korea, reportedly begins mass production of flexible CPI flick to replace the hard phone screen glass.


Although Samsung has not been able to mass produce flexible batteries, but HI Investment & Securities researcher ChungWon-Seok said, the design can still steer clear of the foldable area, place it inside the plane area. If it is to be placed in a foldable region, the battery itself must also become flexible. Currently the technology is continue to in the development stage.

As outlined by reports, Samsung is the first foldable smart phone listing on the issue is particularly cautious, the company is not sure of such high-end smart phone industry demand is how much. Along with Note 7 after the incident, Samsung released for any new machine has become increasingly cautious, but the Samsung folding smartphone is coming to market is indeed worth the wait.


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