Close to Huawei in the EMEA region with Apple remaining 1% of the distance

Chinese handset maker Huawei in the EMEA region (The eu, Middle East and African-american) sales should never be so near to the sales of Apple’s iphone. According to the Canalys Research Institute, Huawei’s smartphone shipments are growing rapidly in the third 1 / 4, and they may soon dwarf Apple.If so for mobile mend industy,more and more repair shop gonna start repair huawei soon,they about to need more huawei repair Parts.


According to the data given by Canalys, Huawei’s smartphone gross sales in the EMEA region for the first time greater than 10 million, from market share, Huawei smartphone’s have accounted for 14% of the local market share, and Apple is now in the region The market share of 15%, that is definitely, the gap between the two sides merely 1%.


It is reported that Huawei’s smart phone market in Europe this current year, the performance is very good, they’ve been sold in Europe this year, a lot more than 26 million smart phones, although the holiday season has not officially can come carnival, but Huawei this year, “gains” The entire year 2015.

Compared with Apple, Huawei in the Middle East along with Africa can still use their low-end equipment to help it extend its market share, to seize the market, but surprisingly, Huawei is now throughout Europe, the growth momentum is quite rapid.


Previously, Huawei consumer small business CEO Yu Chengdong that Apple tried to produce more stunning design, nonetheless it faces difficulties. Samsung has been badly affected because of abandoned top mobile phones, and Huawei has now arrived at the critical point. Possibly from the global smart phone market shipments, Huawei still have to continue to function beyond Apple, came to the second place, but in the EMEA region, Huawei to trap up with Apple’s footsteps, has really visit the front, Apple, Did you hear the steps of Huawei?


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