IPhone7 supply may affect the holiday shopping season sales

Nobody wants to miss the frenzy with holiday shopping season

You know that the end of the buying carnival season is coming, we’ve been mentioned before, affected by the supply, iphone 7 sequence for Apple’s third-quarter sales and didn’t bring any real aid (in fact, also sold when using not a few Day), many analysts are optimistic in regards to the iphone 7 in the fourth quarter with this year’s performance. However, a few other analysis agencies mentioned, iphone 7 and other flagship smart phone supply scarcity will affect their sales in this year’s holiday.


As we all know, as Samsung has recalled the Galaxy Note 7, so consumers pick one less, if they want to opt to buy this year’s performance can be quite prominent flagship smartphone, in combination with iphone 7, perhaps only the first half of the Galaxy S7 series Plus Google Pixel XL can be chosen. Though the fourth quarter has passed a month, some retailers mentioned,iphone 7 plus deliver tension is still not been greatly alleviated.

If the iphone 7 plus along with Pixel XL in the fourth quarter on this year, still maintaining restricted supply situation, which will unavoidably lead to their overall product sales in the fourth quarter. Specially those who wait in the holiday searching season, “chop hands” of consumers, can not purchase their favorite products, for them is really a blow.

And such an impact may very well be many, if you can not choose the iphone 7 plus, certainly they will not buy the products associated with competitors? For example, Sony, lG, Huawei and other manufacturers. Or actually willing to wait for the end of your fourth quarter, Apple to restore the iphone 7 inventory? For repair industy as iphone 7 plus just start sell, iphone 7 plus parts right now repair shop don’t need much. In the near future this situation will be better after apple sell more iphone 7 plus.


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