Can be expected next-generation iphone se will have these three developments


Apple will not give up so easily this product line, and pretty much guaranteed to be in the future in an appropriate time to be made open. So Apple’s second-generation iphone se before the release, Let’s do a bit of reseach about rumors.

It is claimed that Apple does not intend to release in 2017 fiscal year small-size iphone new, that is released earlier this year, iphone se, next year there won’t be any next-generation models. Of course, Apple will not throw in the towel so quickly this product set, and almost guaranteed to attend an appropriate time in the future to be made public. Therefore, Apple’s second-generation iphone se before the put out, we may wish to see a number of change.

3D Touch

At this moment Apple’s new iphone has been released by default to provide 3D Touch feel function, except for sale inside iphone se only. Of course, earlier iphone se did not provide 3D Touch technology, the reason we all understand, not just because the technology will increase charges, but Apple also want you to get more expensive at the same time into more new technology new generating models.

Taking into account the 3D Touch technology is now released for two generations of iphone, and features continued large-scale production and sales, developing costs will increase with the provide down, perhaps in the next creation iphone se, 3D Touch will no longer May be the iphone the main difference between the characteristics of models. Because taking into account the actual 3D Touch is Apple a proper change in the rules of the video game killer, in order to promote a lot more users to use it, to improve the application of the entire ecosystem, Apple should 3d images Touch technology as an essential function of each iphone in the future.

To tell the truth, if the second generation iphone se no 3D Touch, then the feature seems a little scarcity.

Completely new Display Technology

In the past 2 yrs, Apple iphone display improvement, the most obvious versus the wide color gamut to get the color range, the current iphone 7 is able to display the color DCI-P3 coloring gamut. In fact, most of Apple’s appliance product line, including the iMac machine, MacBook Pro laptop and In search of.7-inch iPad Pro have provided the DCI-P3 colour gamut. Apple in the publicity also believes that this 25% larger than the normal SRGB color gamut will be the upcoming direction of the previous products can display the color are more restricted.

Not surprisingly, the next-generation iphone se should also keep the DCI-P3 color gamut, and there are many improvements that have been made in the iphone 7 series to improve display quality, like improved viewing angles and better contrast. As the screen is among the most important components of mobile phones, spontaneous entry, so for the demonstrate technology improvements, the actual example of the natural moment to enhance, which will help further stimulate the iphone se desires.

Camera improvements

In the iphone 7, most people obviously see the improvement associated with Apple’s camera, dual cameras usually do not say, at least the new camera has support for taking pictures wide color gamut pics. So the future of Apple’s iphone, including the iphone se, might also want to have to shoot wide colouring gamut image isight camera. Different improvements to the iphone se, most likely you’ll encounter optical image stabilization characteristic, for which Apple must also improve the covering to adapt, do not expect double-shot.

When speculation is correct, iphone se may have to end up being postponed to 2018 in March. At present this generation associated with iphone se, the performance is still sufficiently strong enough enough to the historical price of the iphone, then, is very cost-effective, I believe generation x models the same. In addition to the above three points, everyone around the next generation of iphone se models which in turn look forward to it?


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