Long time no see: white iphone finally come back to us?

Light iphone will come again?


This year throughout September updated iphone 7 in the original magic, gold and rose gold on the basis of the addition of a new colouring version: bright black as well as black, no doubt these two brand-new color version has become the 2010 explosion models, especially vibrant Black version, the new machine market almost two months, yet this version is expected to mail time there are 3-5 working days. But let us surprise, Apple may also decide to iphone 7 and then add a new shade version – bright white.

Advertising has exposed the news, but they can not determine the robustness of the message how high, because they do not get more detailed information related to another this is not consistent with Apple’s practice, they have not In the new product launch, but also decided to add a color structure habit.

If you have to say you will find new products in the market after the emergence of a new color version, then that is the 2010 iphone 4, as well as its white version than the dark colored version of the time to market missed 9 months, but Apple released It was announced that there is going to be two black and white versions, only because of the production version of the actual white version of the listing period was forced to delay.

The reason why launch a white iphone 7


The main reason is to stimulate the iphone 7 profits. A recent survey, Apple released the 2010 iphone 7 series of mobile phones more popular than the iphone 6s, but more than the iphone 6 it is a bit difficult.

In terms of the Us alone, iphone 7 demand even more when compared with two years ago when the iphone 6 product or service series is also high. Simply in some of the important market for Apple, such as China, the market for consumers regarding iphone 7 small changes are not satisfied, thus instead of a relatively lower require, which also offset the growth in US demand. May be eager to look for growth opportunities, so Apple thought i would gamble.

From the current merchandise sale situation, probably for the reason that bright line of the iphone can be quite popular, and Apple may also be inspired by this point, so you want an original color scheme based on the addition of a bright white. And a past survey shows that Asian ndividuals are particularly fond of those who glimpse dazzling smart phones, for those who will certainly “bling bling” sparkling phone simply are not able to refuse. More than one color structure of the device will be more attractive to consumers. if you already got such a iphone 7 and want a white colouring also? Maybe you can change some sort of iphone 7 white replacement back houses,just find all iphone 7 replacement parts at ogodeasl.

In addition, Apple are often fully considered the new form of the listing period. Because this awesome product either before the holiday season as well as after the holiday season in the market, it is usually driven to some extent, equipment revenue. If you can listed before the christmas season, sales for the iphone 7 is frosting on the cake. If it is shown after the holiday season, it can also be said that it is a timely rain.


Because after the holiday season the market will probably enter the consumption off-season, equipment income generally will decline, in that case how to make up for the purchaser off-season sales impact and affect? The introduction of the new version is one way. But also in the Western winter season, the Asian countries in China is going to usher in the New Year, but also plenty of consumers crazy consumption, the brand new version of the listing may also entice these consumers.

We see excellent in the exposure, many people are very looking forward to Apple to launch a bright version of the iphone. Some people since it does like white, and some people because that is the whitened Apple products is the most classic color scheme. Early Apple iphone are also mostly white and black-based. Until The year 2013, Apple in the appearance of color on a large scale innovation, presented a colorful, very image impact of the iphone 5c and other designs, iphone was thus entered this “color era.”


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