Moto Lenovo smart phone into the only product, Yang said the next step strategy


Lenovo Set yesterday announced a major staff members adjustment, the introduction of the original Intel senior vice president Shi Hao De, former Microsoft Asia Research vice president Rui Yong, previous Kodak global president Laura Quatela executives; At the same time, Lenovo Group also announced of which Senior Vice President Joe Chen succeeded Chen Xudong in charge of mobile business inside China.

Lenovo Group Chairman and Boss Yang said in an interview together with Tencent Technology and other media, Lenovo presented three new executives, is usually that the company is now only accomplish hardware equipment from the company, and gradually transformed into customer-oriented, to ensure equipment with artificial intelligence And cloud services businesses. Mobile phone business coaching switch is to strengthen the ability around marketing.Of course we looking forward lenovo can sell much more large quantity soon, so that we can offer far more lenovos repair parts for our repair customer.

About Lenovo Mobile China enterprise coaching change, Yang said this Lenovo smart phone business done greater than China, Chen Xudong has successfully stabilized the particular Chinese mobile phone business to determine the celeb product strategy, but the next stage of the need to strengthen this marketing ability.

“Qiao Jian is the 1st to do the person in charge of Promotion, but also responsible for human resources, realize how to motivate people to mobilize the enthusiasm of the people, so that the formation regarding cohesion team.This Lenovo mobile phone in China’s success, will be significant “Said Joe Yang, managing director of the China cellular phone business, and will leverage the girl international operations integration and also marketing experience to control global synergies and focus on options in the Chinese market to win the battle for mobile phones, reported Yang.

Moto will become the only brand of Lenovo smart dataphone Moto Z sales break 1 million


At present, the global smart phone level of competition is fierce, thousands of machine current market in 2015 has become a sea involving ??blood, many mobile phone manufacturers can only lose money earn shout. In 2016, the vast majority of manufacturers have started to force in the high-end, because to the picture, there is still much bedroom for profitability.

Yang confirmed additional Lenovo Mobile (mainly smart phone company) made in the high-end, Lenovo Mobile will be the next business restructuring, in addition to Moto will become the only mobile phone Lenovo manufacturer.

Yang did not disclose the reorganization of more details, nor does it show the future Lenovo brand and ZUK brand will be cut off. However, another Lenovo Team executives told Tencent Technology, the longer term mainstream price segment (valuation on 2,000 yuan or so) on the mobile phone brand and product line is going to still exist, but in front together with Moto brand name. Such as mobile phone owner’s name may be called Moto ZUK Z2, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7.

As of September 30, 2016 six months, Lenovo global smartphone sales fell 28% every year, but at the same time there is a nice thing about it, Lenovo global smart phone sales get gradually increased in the minute quarter of this year compared to first quarter sales increase of 3 %, The third quarter sales growth of 25% over the second one fourth.

The third quarter of this yr, Lenovo’s global smart phone market share lost his balance 1.4 percentage suggests 3.9%, but quarter increased 0.6 percentage factors quarter. Lenovo believes its approach in the mobile business is beginning take off, and the company may even streamline its product mix by driving its common selling price and focusing on middle- as well as high-end segments to achieve steady advancement.

Lenovo’s global smart phone in China as well as overseas performance is almost two days, compared to tepid in the Chinese market, Lenovo Mobile’s overseas performance is relatively strong. The second quarter and third 1 / 4 of this year, Lenovo’s global touch screen phone business were quarterly one fourth 2% and 27% growth.

According to IDC information, the second quarter of this 12 months, Lenovo has become India’s third-largest mobile phone manufacturers. Exclusively, the top five Indian smartphone niches were Samsung (25.1%), Micromax (12.9%), Lenovo (7.8%), Intex (7.1%) and Reliance Jo (6.8%).

Lenovo in China in the first half of this year launched two well known price segment of the products, respectively, Lenovo ZUK Z2 and Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro. However, Lenovo failed to mention in the earnings statement ZUK, the focus of the three versions mentioned all Moto series, correspondingly Moto Z, Moto Mods and Moto G.

Yang released the Lenovo Modular Mobile Moto Z’s most up-to-date sales data: the sale of two or three months, the worldwide shipments exceeded 100 million units. The amount of activation on the global point of view, the current each week activation of Moto Z greater to 60,000 products.


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