China-made flagship Mate 9 released Huawei said that a lot more than 2 years can exceed Apple


Soon after several weeks of preparation, Huawei as a final point held a conference in Munich, Belgium officially unveiled its most up-to-date flagship smartphone Mate 9 veil. The new machine design style is very similar to the preceding generation, but also has a selection of improvements and changes, and as expected, the machine is equipped with inner custom Unicorn 960 processor, and with self-optimized EMUI user interface. Mate 9 has a regular version, but with the luxury car company Porsche co-customized limited edition.

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Huawei Mate 9 fuselage is a positive use of a 5.9-inch Full HD 1080p display screen, covered with 2.5D of the edge of the glass, similar to the density can certainly reach 373ppi. Taking into account such a large screen size, Huawei is not dead on the actual 2K screen is uncooperative. However, Huawei said that the monitor color can cover 96% of the NTSC standard range, contrast nearly 1500: 1, while various other mobile phones now have the new functions: Blu-ray filter, to protect the eyes around dark conditions from harm.


Inside the fuselage Huawei Mate 9 is equipped with a Kirin 960 cpu, based on the latest ARM Cortex-A73 architectural mastery customization, with 8-core Mali-G71 MP8 GPU, furthermore with i6 coprocessor. Huawei claims that their custom-made Kirin 960 chip, multi-core performance than all the processors available, including the latest Apple iphone 7 in the A10 Union processor and Pixel XL Xiaolong 821. While GPU performance than the previous creation 180% faster.


Huawei Mate 9 for Google’s Daydream platform was optimized, your machine experience the latest VR is not a challenge. One of the most important is that Huawei said they provide Mate 9 with machine-deep learning know-how that can analyze user behavior to intelligently optimize ram and Cpu allocation to ensure the best user experience. Mate also offers 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage, which can be more extended through microSD cards.


Huawei declared its optimized EMUI system, while using the latest chip system response rate increased by 50%, fluency increased simply by 20%, and in the GPU by making use of operating speed can be improved by 20%. Huawei is boasting, into their hundreds of engineers optimized to help keep the phone more than 18 months once the use of time, is still easy as new. With the iAware intelligent monitoring software, the system options can be managed and designated at any time, and only need to supply full, when 18 months later than the same level of mobile phone remains to be 80% faster.


In the back of the fuselage, Mate 9 having a Leica dual camera configuration, and the P9 and P9 Plus just about by a 12 million pixel RGB colouring sensor and a 20 zillion pixel monochrome sensor composition, a lens aperture is f 2.2, to provide laserlight AF and optical image stabilization system (color warning only). Of course, Huawei also provides several specialized software features, such as the first camera focus, or even background blur, and so on. Huawei mentioned, Mste 9 support 4K video recording, and that is the first time they provide h.265 protected video, video size offers up to 50% compression ratio, keeping space.


Back to the EMUI, in truth, Mate 9 compared with the former did not modify much, or clean and cleanse the main screen is based on Android 8.0 Nougat custom system, there are numerous core features, such as multi-window multi-tasking aid from the notification bar for quick answer back , Or fast switching uses, etc., most of the features or perhaps Android 7.0. However, there’s a Huawei App Twin function is extremely interesting to be able to log on to the exact same account through multiple software, do not have to log in, very functional.


In the bottom of the fuselage Mate 9, with Flash Type-C interface, speaker, back in item dual cameras also finger print sensor. Machine standard will be 4000mAh large capacity battery, support 5A very fast charge, with SCP booster processor function, can automatically command the current and voltage productivity. Huawei said, Mate 9’s charging rate 4 times faster than the iphone 7. A half-hour will be able to charge to 50% in the electricity, and 10 minutes so that you can charge enough 3.5 various hours of video play. The key is that Huawei has the best security to ensure that the impose will not overheat or blow up.


Limited edition Porsche Design Mate 9

The particular so-called Porsche Design Porsche Design and style Mate 9, only individual key points, the majority of the same with the regular version is the identical. For example, the Porsche release has 6GB of memory and also 256GB of storage, 5.5-inch display size, not only provides QHD resolution has the benefit of a curved surface arc.

Comparison of the words, then the real distinction is the most beautiful degree, dimension, memory and storage will be other small difference, and will not support microSD card expansion. Note that the Porsche version of the fingerprint recognition module towards front, through the SmartTouch button to exchange the original three buttons, the particular fuselage before and after the design of Porsche Layout, respectively, and the studio custom logo. Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong asserted the Porsche is a impressive combination of innovation and unique kind of the synonym.


Regular type of Mate 9 and Porsche Porsche Style Mate 9 will be November 14 with Shanghai, is now on the shelves of Huawei Mall, has opened an appointment, to pay for a deposit of 999 yuan, to wait until Nov 14 18:08 is going to be officially listed . National Lender version provides 6G +128 G, 4G +64G, 4G +32 G three capacity possibilities, the color provides gray air, Mocha gold, moonlight silver, ceramic whitened, champagne gold five. As per the foreign offer, the regular form of 699 euros (about 5227 yuan), Porsche form of 1395 euros (about RMB 10,430 yuan).

Perhaps surprisingly, in the Huawei Mate 9 after the conference, Yu Chengdong inside an interview, said Haikou, Huawei will go beyond Apple in two years, becoming earth’s second-largest smart phone maker.If you will repair huawei smartphone, you might need a excellent huawei parts supplier, also master some repair skills regarding repairing huawei smartphone.

“Four years ago, all of us said we wanted to market mobile phones, and many people considered we were crazy, and now we’ve been talking about selling 100 million handsets a year, and they’re declaring we’re crazy,” he stated, trying to come up with stunning designs. “Huawei has now reached the significant point,” stressed Yu Chengdong, “We currently have won the customer’s have faith in and loyalty step by step.”


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