Samsung executives: 2017 Samsung will rebuild confidence


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because of the agonizing lessons in 2016, Samsung brand also has suffered a major blow. To do this, the company must work harder for you to reverse the negative impact regarding Note 7 on the brand. Samsung’s North American CEO Gregory Lee said at the GSMA Ability to move Live! – North America seminar in Atlanta that 2017 will probably be Samsung’s “Year of Rebuilding Brand and Self-assurance.” For repair business, as samsung smartpone lcd short source,all series screen expenditures keep go up in china, in order that it might not a good business anymore, but you can find some factory for you to repair front glass only, if your customer samsung smartphone lucky only glass broken, lcd is still good.

Within an interview, Lee also mentioned the “dead” Note 7. He notes the fact that recall has been nearly 80 percent complete, and that the past 55 days have been done by Samsung personnel in a 24/7 non-stop fashion. He also said that Samsung is still the cause of Note 7 investigation, to be able to identify the ultimate cause. “We are generally conducting a thorough inventory of all aspects of the product to ensure that once the outside world asks us to clearly and definitely tell them what happened, precisely what measures we will take to keep away from such things happen.

Lee’s remarks suggest that as soon as the brand reputation crisis the result of Note 7, Samsung is trying to restore users, workers and various government trust in the actual Samsung brand. And Samsung will be produced next year, the new flagship cell phone Galaxy S8 from the recent publicity of the details of the view, odds are once again stunning the entire clever machine market.


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