All small fresh: Samsung released a series of high-value mobile phone accessories

Samsung released a series of new smart phone accessories about the official website, including wireless speakers, headphones, wireless chargers along with mobile power, etc., they’ve got a fine shape, and will initial enter the Korean market, jointly Let’s see.
First of all we want to bring in this is called the Bottle Design and style wireless speakers, it looks really like a water bottle. Bottle Layout uses a 360-degree surround sound design, service for wireless charging and mobile phone management, can achieve very good sound quality, gently shake can also change the colour of LED lights.

Another device, generally known as Tray Design, is a wireless charging connect that can wirelessly charge a couple of devices at the same time. In addition to mobile phone handsets, other products that support wireless charging can also be used, such as the Bottle Design Wireless speakers.


We want to introduce the third piece is the mobile power Copper tea pot Design, with 5100 mAh and 10200 mAh when the two capacity version of your Samsung to it with a blue and pink color, but also having enhanced portability hand wrist strap.

The fourth section called Info design, Samsung is also the second release of wireless speaker products, it uses a circular body, sufficient reason for a microphone and noise reduction technology, the user could be fixed through the strap to the backpack .

Samsung released the last of the actual mobile phone accessories is a square design of the ear movements of two, this product isn’t easy to use the cable winding flat design, sports fans should be like this product.



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