The new Macbook Pro Touch bar is simply a revolution in function keys

Three days in the past, Apple in the fall of 2016 “hello again” convention released a new MacBook Pro, in addition to components upgrades, the most interesting just might be the new Macbook Pro keyboard above the improvement in the Touch Panel- Touch bar. For laptop repair industy, those touch bar repair costs will be very high, of course you can shop macbook parts online directly from china, also macbook normally won’t easy to broken.

Computer function keys have been used for nearly 45 decades, is the time to change it? So we see the Apple brought the Touch bar. That touchpad is a retina screen of which supports 10-point touch. It will be used in combination with a variety of software applications, as a multi-function touch bar apply.


In the Safari browser, Touch bar can be shown as you commonly used site plan, you can screenshot. In the cd, Touch bar can be a tool for croping and editing pictures, and the user is obviously full view of the recording can also be a big picture. In addition, as soon as typing, it can display the particular suggested typing phrases, there are various emoji alternative. When watching the video, Touch bar might also display the video progress bar along with thumbnail, adjust the volume, brightness, fast-forward exactly what is completely mention.
Not only that, Touch bar within the far right integrated Touch id, built-in Apple T1 chip control Touch id fingerprint payment. Touch id can also identify the fingerprint of different users, along with automatically log on to the user’s bank account, that it supports multi-user sharing.

Conference web page Apple on the Touch bar for a large number of demonstrations, the surprise is that people can customize according to their demands Touch bar, customize a variety of functions, your function keys directly from the screen dragged into the Touch bar.
Apple’s own application for all of the new Macbook Pro Touch bar created a fit. The new Touch bar is a total shortcut to a variety of programs, and professionals will love this. The Touch bar and Touch id will be available in two new 13-inch MacBook Pro and two completely new 15-inch MacBook Pro models for immediate availability (2-3 months). Do not know this piece of special touchpad will not make all people heart, aroused to buy buy desire?


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