New 5-inch version of the iphone 8 verified double-sided glass design

In the past is rumored iphone 8 will use double-sided glass style and design, and now seems to have been established yet again. According to the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” quoted un-named business sources reported this Apple offers initially decided to utilize the up coming year’s iphone, Bourne Optical as well as BlueScope way to obtain glass backplane, and will be inside original 4.7-inch and 5 various.5-inch form of the On the basis of a boost involving 5-inch screen version, which also implies that next year’s iphone may have three models to meet around, plus 5.5-inch screen model uses Samsung’s hyperbolic display.


According to the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” cited un-named industry sources documented of which Apple has tentatively for all Five.5-inch, 5-inch plus 4.7-inch models come with goblet iphone back cover, as opposed to using the current iphone metal event Design, Bourne Optical and Zoom lens Engineering will be introduced next year, the latest iphone glass back go over of your major suppliers.

Whilst Foxconn is a huge key supplier of iphone sections, and has also been in the growth of glass back handle sections, but probably will not get up coming year’s iphone glass backside get, because the two manufacturers coming from mainland China in the The techie advantage is more significant. Consequently, the determination on the wine glass back cover vendors, once more confirmed that the next-gen iphone make use of double-sided glass design rumours, sufficient reason for metal frame to bolster your glass shell construction, that is certainly, double-sided glass + metal frame style, according to Said it could use stainless-steel or aluminum mix fabric.


It is noteworthy the Japoneses media reports likewise validated for the first time next year’s fresh iphone will have three products in the rumor, that is, from the primary 4.7-inch and Five.5-inch enhance on the basis of 5-inch version, also regarded Is to confirm the rumours in history. In the summer of this year, buddies around some one broke the news at microbloggingthe fact that iphone batch that we get there will be three, are generally 5.5-inch iphone 8 plus, 5-inch iphone 8 and 4.7-inch IPhone 7 Se
One of them, the 4.7-inch iphone 7SE will be Apple’s most affordable entry-level designs, while the iphone 8 plus and iphone 8 may exchange signal of AMOLED display and 3 dimensional goblet body, but the iphone 7 SE continue to use the LCD screen and also metal shell. On the other hand, from now the Japanese advertising stories, next year’s about three iphone uses double-sided glass + metal shape design.

In addition, the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” noted during the summer time of this year, a mention of iphone next year only 5.5-inch edition will use the hyperbolic tv screen layout and the use of AMOLED table, as the other two designs would be the continuation of the past LTPS low-temperature polysilicon table. All at once users @ cellphone chip up to the latest microblogger said: “Corning has got see of Apple, a substantial growth of cup material, ready to use upcoming season’s iPhone8.” Therefore, no accident, next the new iphone will use batch that we get For the new gorilla scratch-resistant glass.

Not surprisingly, irrespective of how the next year’s iphone a couple of styles in the touch-screen panel should have what sort of planning, but if you actuallyhave double-sided window design, then the wireless charging operate needs to be the first to introduce, but in addition speculation iphone 8 It is possible to remove the Property key and hide the finger print alarm under the glass screen. Nevertheless, the above argument has not but been confirmed.


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