Look forward to? Supply Chain Confirm iphone 8 supports fast charging

Rapid charging is no longer a new technology, but would like to see Apple in this area can play any tricks.
IPhone buy is the tenth anniversary on the launch, iphone will be what kind of invention? Previously heard many times future year’s iphone 8 will assist fast charging, and now Apple’s logistics came the news once again confirmed this argument. According to a report from the “Economic Daily”, because the iphone 8 may very well be mixed into the real-world MR plus artificial intelligence (AI) purpose, Apple must make a lot of hard work in the battery.

Reported that, MR and AI functions have become power, it will greatly energize the rapid charging technologies needs. You know, the battery technologies have not been a substantial cutting-edge for many years, and Apple can not be in only one year to find a new strategy to the battery technology, so help for fast charging is the better compromise. Although a little bit the second best, but fast charging technology to shorten the asking for time, in a way that can mask to solve the problem of battery existence.

Next year is the iPhone’s Eleventh anniversary. Such a significant year, from the perspective of commemorating your milestone, Apple does have to be expressed. Even without this layer regarding meaning, directed at starting from the iphone 6 mobile phone design has not modified the fact that iphone 8 should have more than enough innovation. Taking into account the immediate needs placed there, iphone 8 is indeed promising to join the revolutionary charging technology, what would possibly be fast charging, or the popular wireless charging it? Perhaps iphone 8 offers us new surprises, or perhaps new iphone parts invented.


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