Farewell! Apple Classic iPhone 4 will soon die

Let us wave to the iPhone 4 farewell.

Recently, claiming to understand Apple inside information, but declined to be named, informed sources said that Apple will officially bury a new batch of products will include iPhone 4 smartphone, 2010 models of 13-inch MacBook Air, AirPort Extreme router, and 2009 AirPort Time Capsule capsule, Apple specific re-definition of these products in time: October 31,2016.2016-10-16-4
So, then still use the iPhone 4 for the old user, what will happen? Basically, this will mean that the hands of the iPhone 4 will not get any hardware and software services, including maintenance, no longer have any relevant iphone 4 parts, whether Apple’s official retail stores or official partners are the official in this way. Of course, in addition to a relatively small number of laws and regulations outside the country.
IPhone 4 in June 2010, the official debut, it is the most significant Apple iPhone ever one of the models, its “once again, change everything!” Slogan sounded the world. However, when we once again review some of the hardware configuration of the iPhone 4, found on today has indeed completely outdated, and Apple will be defined as “outdated products” and “discontinued products” understandable.

IPhone 4 uses a 3.5-inch retinal display screen, equipped with Apple’s first custom A4 processor, built-in 512MB RAM to run the memory. At the same time, iPhone 4 back with a fuselage with 5 million pixels at the time the most excellent camera, officially on sale when running iOS 4 version of the operating system, providing three storage options, namely 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.
Speaking of the end of the destiny of the iPhone 4, in July 2014, Apple officially released iOS 7.1.2 version of the operating system, you no longer get the system upgrade, and in May the same year in the Indian market for sale, called the ultimate mission carry out.


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