Sale only a few weeks iphone 7 market share has exceeded iphone se

However the market only a few weeks period, but the iphone 7 series sales push remained quite strong, the sequence share of Apple’s mobile phone business over iphone se, and catch up iphone 4 plus iphone 4s.
iphone 7.png
Localytics has been tracking iphone usage, iphone 7 series officially unveiled, it has quickly achieved 3.6% of the Apple cell phone market share, while the iphone SE’s share of only 2.6%.

With the order remains to be increasing, iphone 7 series more than your classic iphone 4 and iphone 4s should also be approaching, these two are sought after within the “altar” of the smart phone, add up to a full also has 3.7% Quot.

As for the iphone 5 and also iphone 5s, iphone 7 series is not so fast above them, because their share remained at 24.4%, while the iphone 6s ended up being 27.5%. This is why for the mobile phone repair industry, iphone 5s Parts are in high demand.

We all know that the iphone 6 should be Apple’s best-selling smart phone in the history of your data to prove to us, iphone 6 sequence is still 38.3% share of your pyramid standing on the spire, in addition to being iphone 7 beyond the iphone 6, this is a very large Element.

Many analysts believe that your iphone 7 should be able to surpass the iphone 6s doing iphone 6, but the difference is that Apple have not disclosed for us this year, iphone 7’s very first week sales, but perhaps we can from Apple ready at the conclusion Disclosure of quarterly financial report back to see some clues.


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