It was true that someone carry the iphone 7 with them to play having water in the bathroom

However the waterproof property of iphone 7 is greatly improved, it is still uncertain that we can take a bath by it. Jordan Novet Just took them to the bathroom by accident as well as do the mandarin ducks playing in water. In his words, he i just want to make a normal shower merely. From IPhone 7 teardown we can see, a lot of small parts for iphone 7 developed with waterproof dust, this is a major improve.

iphone 7 waterproof.jpg

After entering bathroom, Jordan Novet put his iphone 7 for the counter, and then he popped the streaming music software to play music. He loves taking a shower with his favorite songs , yet he didn’t hear the music because of the interference of waterproof curtain and the sound of water. Then he opened up the waterproof curtain, he or she suddenly realized iphone 7 is water-resistant in that moment!

So this individual put the iphone 7 closer to himself, and lastly, he put his iphone 7 in stock bathtub.In the bath procedure, Jordan Novet should suddenly thought of a phone call to his partner, but when the iphone screen 8 is water wet later on, Touch ID will become quite sensitive. After “everything possible” to open this iphone, Jordan Novet communicate with his honey with a video phone, however when the water flow through the front camera, video picture just isn’t very clear, but the audio has recently a problem. Nevertheless, Jordan Novet continue to believe in the shower, iphone 7 carried out a very great job.

Jordan Novet dawdle inside bathroom for a long time finally wash the bath, he began checking is definitely shower gel, shampoo “attack” after the iphone 7, he was pleased to note that his iphone 7 is still able to work, jewel to send and receive e-mail as well as do other things.

“I think some things and technology really transformed our lives, used to be totally not able (waterproof), but now it is to decide what is not possible.

Today,Water proofing property seems to have turn into a lot ofits flagship smartphone standard functions, when millions of people are planning to take their telephones into the bathroom .


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