With Confidence: The shipment purpose of iPhone7 is about 100 million in 2016

According to the reports of foreign media “Digi Times”, Apple Inc has established a shipment goal of 75 million units for the iphone 7 prior to the end of this year. This is conclusive evidence that this figure is greater than the supplier’s earlier forecast regarding 85 million units. Hence for repair industry it truly good news, as lots of mechanic shop fix iphone screen instead of Samsung screen.


Of course, Apple Inc still needs to consider the factors of consumer’s true demand for iPhone7 series smart phones. So that you can conduct a reliable assessment till mid-October is required.

It is said that the part orders of iphone 7 and iphone 7 Plus is definitely higher than expected, but the preliminary whole orders of iphone 7 line were down nearly 15%-25% versus the iphone 6s series at last year. The good news is that the iphone 7 series phones lost of stock three days once the pre- turning.

Because of the consumers’ great requires for the black models of iphone 7 as well as iphone 7 plus, both of this two kinds of mobile phones will not even appear in the first day of Apple retail stores. Also Apple Inc has more confidence while in the shipments increasing thanks to the warm pre-order of iphone 7 series phones.

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