OLED production capacity to low: may affect iphone 8 release

Subsequent year’s iphone 8 (temporarily call it) will be equipped with new OLED display screen, this is one thing a lot of people are looking forward to. Although this won’t have specialised difficulties, however, capacity problems might make Apple executives heart of your bear

oled screen.jpg

Latest news, in line with the report of the electronic diary, 2016, the year Samsung shipped to China industry all of the OLED screen capacity included up to no more than about One hundred million pieces, and undertake the OLED screen Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Oppo previously had predicted this 2016 phone shipments will be nearly 100 million. In other words, all the OLED screen is produced by samsung, only able to supply Oppo.

iPhone spare parts will be more expensive once apple iphone 8 use OLED Screen, let just simply waiting for this moment.