2016 Q2 Smartphone Shipments Samsung First, iphone Second, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo in Top Five

Market research agency IDC released Thursday in the second quarter in the global smartphone market statistics report. , according to a new report in the second quarter from the global smartphone shipments for 343.3 million units, 342.Some million rose 0.3% from a year previously. Given the global smartphone shipments only rose 4.2% in the first quarter, this review showed: the smartphone market offers peaked.

As in previous quarters, samsung proceeds to dominate the smartphone market. Samsung’s smartphone shipments while in the second quarter are 77 million, more than the actual sum of the apple and huawei. Samsung’s smartphone shipments year-on-year growth from the second quarter of 4 million, the market industry share increased from 21.3% to be able to 22.4%.


Samsung’s smartphone market share of about 20% each quarter, but sometimes will be closer to 25%. IDC believes that the good results of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge is to promote the growth of samsung’s share, scalable storage, waterproof and faster chip configuration combination to win a favor of consumers. Samsung price cheaper J series mobile phone as well did well in equally developed and developing locations, thanks to the new equipment (J7, J5, J3).

Apple smartphone sales in the second quarter to get a second consecutive quarter of decline, share fell 3.1%, to 11.8% from 13.9% during the same period last year. Not just the iphone 6 s, iPhone6s Plus underperformed the former generation versions, low-priced version of the iphone se also still did not boost the apple mobile phone income. Now, apple hope iphone 7 can modify this situation.

Samsung topped 77 million has the best quarterly shipments, apple in 40 million ranked second, and who is the third? That’s perfect! Is China smartphone manufacturers, huawei, last quarter shipments in order to rise to 31 million units.

Huawei‘s share regarding smartphones in the second quarter growth associated with 0.8% to 9.4%, in third place; Oppo share growth involving 3.8% to 6.6%, the particular fourth; Vivo share growth of A pair of.1% to 4.8%, the fifth. Although Android and iOS duopoly situation will not transform soon, but samsung and apple duopoly position continues to collapse.
Awareness reduce Oppo, Vivo replaced after the fourth Lenovo, fifth Xiaomi, and is also expected to remain inside the top five smartphone manufacturers. On account of China’s smartphone market is saturated, the actual competition will become far more intense. these manufacturers Seeking to be able to enter the global market, low cost phones will be more attractive.

“In improvement to samsung in the Galaxy S7 flagship on accomplishment, including apple, most of the vendors on the inexpensive models of success,In . IDC mobile team manager Anthony Scasella said in a report, “as smartphone prices continue to fall, high-end market place competition intensifies, companies need to reduce price promotion flagship phone, encouraging customers to more frequently upgrade phone. Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and other Chinese brands have succeeded on this strategy, sales of high-end cellphone, focus on the most important options of for consumers, for example imaging, sound quality and design.In

Anyway, Canalys reports simply stated the global smartphone market rebound slightly when compared with last year, the market has not really been saturated and slower growth to provide any favourable outlook. Given this, this growth of the smartphone market will be likely to become more and more challenging, will be more competitive.
In your opinion, smartphone sales will continue to decline or even will return to development?

For repair business, out of those data we can see, it still have a very massive market, cellphone repair, and mobile phone repair parts still in massive demand, as smartphone will be those years tendency.


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