Samsung Galaxy Note 3 different Version middle frame/bezel Name

Often you might broken your samsung galaxy note 3 front frame / bezel only, so at this time you can aquire a frame separately along with repair it by yourself, this is not easy, as tear down the middle frame and reassembly it need professional repair skills, so don’t do it easily as you might broken your  lcd screen assembly too.
It doesn’t matter you want repair frame merely or repair a full note 3 lcd screen assembly with frame, first you need to know which version frame it is, then you can definitely buy the right samsung repair parts replacement you need to have.

Below is information about the name of different version Samsung galaxy note 3 middle frame/bezel.

N900(international 3G)

N9005(international LTE 4G)

N900S/L/K(Korea version),


N900T(USA T-mobile)

N900V(USA verizon)

N900P (USA Sprint Version)


N9006(Chinese version)

N9008(China Mobile Version)

N9008V/S(China Mobile 4G)

N9002(China Unicom version)

N9009(China Telecom Version)

Here are details about different Front frame /bezel for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in common use or not.

N900A/T in common use both can fit for ATT and Tmobile version.

N900V /P  in common use both can fit for Verizon and Sprint version.

N900S/L/K in common use all can fit for all Korea version.

N9005/N9006/N9008 in common use all can fit.

N9002/N9009 in common use both can fit.

N9008V/N9008S in common use both can fit.

international version N900、USA ATT version N900A、Korea version N900S All not same.

note 3 frame.jpg


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