All indications Intel will become iphone 7 supplier

We have more than once heard prior to, Intel will provide LTE chip modules for the next era iphone, Apple no longer need to rely on Qualcomm. Right now, Intel has also hinted at this point.

Ogodeal latest news, recently at 2016 minute quarter financial report discussion, Intel said it has begun shipping the customers XMM 7360, ie LTE chip module. Currently Apple is the only major phone manufacturers using LTE chip on the market, Intel known as “client” basically can confirm is Apple. On the flip side, Qualcomm also suggests their greatest LTE chip module customers is getting a second vendor.

intel chip
Qualcomm LTE chip maximum buyer of course is Apple, and this “second supplier” in addition points to Intel. For now, all signals show that Intel’s LTE chips will appear with iphone 7 inside. Just about 50 nights later we will see apple iphone 7 on marketplace then we can finally today. We will have iphone 7 replacement  soon, please keep an eye on all of us.

Over the past few years, shipments connected with Windows PC devices are decline, major PC producers business has naturally disturbed. But perhaps the most worrisome, is Intel who has been on offer you processor chip for Windows Laptop or computer device. So for Intel, at this moment it has come to a crossroads. Prior to Intel find the next intersection, in those few years Apple will be the guide.


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