IPhone 7 Spy Photos From Chinese Oem Factory, Let’S Take A Look

Yesterday, ogodeal latest news Chinese Weibo users @KK low-key who is fairly active in exposure “iPhone 7” brings some spy photos believed to be the next generation iphone. Those secret agent photos maybe come from Chinese OEM factory, is the prototype of your iphone 7.

iphone 7 real model

If true, then the next generation iphone is likely to follow the design to construct the prototype, which is typically the most exposure iphone 7 “style”. Through these several pictures we can still examine those who have “memorized” features: antenna backside toward the top and underside, camera becomes larger, A 3.5mm headphone jack canceled. The above features also are reflected in this time secret agent photos, it seems that the appearance of iphone 7 do not need any substantially changed.

By those spy photos, it needs to belong to the 4.7 inches of the iphone 7, as for the iphone 7 plus 5.5 various inches rumor said it are going to be equipped with dual cameras and Smart Connector. Barring unforeseen circumstances this year Apple will relieve at least two iphone, as for the mystical “iPhone 7 Pro”, is full of unknowns. Once iphone 7 launched we will offer lots of iphone 7 parts for your repair business. For example iphone 7 lcd screen assembly, rear big camera, power flex etc.


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