iphone 7 will be hot seller? iphone Back cover Supplier expand recruitment

the connection between Apple and their supply chain is rather mysterious, because the former was never revealed the cooperation contract between them in public, and even the particular iphone parts from which vendor, we will need to be known after shredding down. However, supply chain vendors would not be so strict when Apple, we can often learn the lowdown about the next generation of Apple’s product or service through the supply chain in advance. Such as this time, supplier hinted iphone 7 might be hot seller.

According to the latest news, iphone, iPad and Macbook housing supplier Catcher Technology recently released that they will recruit 18,A thousand workers for the factory which will located in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province at the end of 2016, this make the industry believe that Catcher Know-how may receive additional Apple instructions. However, when asked if the factory enrollment associated with Apple orders, Catcher Technology not have positive result.

In May this year, a Catcher Technology CEO Shuishu Hong has declared that in 2017 Apple will have more then one iphone models which use glass entire body design, “but I think this won’t have an effect on our revenues because the goblet enclosure also need sturdy precious metal frame. This metal body required advanced manufacturing technological know-how, the cost is not lower than this active model.”


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