Soon: Sharp supply OLED screen intended for Apple has been put on the schedule

Recently Samsung and LG Present both fight for getting iphone OLED screen Orders. On the other hand, intends to deliver OLED screens Japanese screen large Sharp is complain incessantly, since they have not received funding via Hon Hai yet, because the acquisition has not been adopted. However, the “Electronic Times” described today, Sharp’s senior leadership reports that, China mainland regulators will through the acquisition of Sharp and Hon Hai scenario. If nothing else, the acquisition will implement over the next one month.

In line with the original plan, Hon Hai is expected for being completed Sharp’s acquisition before the end of June this year, although because antitrust review in China can take very long time, so the progress is not as fast as Hon Hai imagine.
Whilst Sharp timely to find a “golden master”, the company momentarily out of trouble now, however for such a famous screen suppliers, they need to fight a recovery, and Apple would be the best medium sized. Now it almost confirmed that next year’s brand new iphone will be equipped with organic light-emitting diode engineering, i.e. the OLED monitor. At present possible to get the orders for OLED iphone screen manufacturers, the actual Sharp is therein the list.

In combination with Sharp, OLED iphone screen candidate suppliers include Samsung, LG Display, Japan Screen etc. Among them, Samsung is likely to get most of the orders for iphone OLED monitor, because the company currently liable for over 90% of global shipments with OLED screen. On the other hand, LG Display executives also said they could increase investment in research along with development of OLED screen, but also publicly stated LG into the small-size OLED screen industry too late.
Let’s hope we can experience a new OLED screen for iphone rapidly. Maybe at that day broken a iphone will costs a lot more for repair, if you need cellphone repair parts then a reliable supplier is very important, maybe you can try diy fix also.


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