Curved Together? Apple Maybe Create a Curved screen for that Full Range of Products

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After a period involving News “brainwashing”, I believe you already have some knowledge of the OLED screen technology. For the body ., this new technology create screen much thinner, but additionally bend. Since Apple is covertly build its own OLED iphone, the next iphone display screen can be bent no longer an illusion. However, Apple’s purpose perhaps more than this, they may want to make other merchandise also bendable.
United States Patent and Trademark Office recently published a patent application Apple submitted, the patent describes bendable screen applies to “a series of” electronic products, these products include iphone, iPad, mp3, smart glasses, smart designer watches and Macbook series of laptops. Apple eclatant from the instructions provided from the picture, this new display screen bend angle is large, and also complete the fold.

edge iphone

We have been heard the news about the long run iphone will use a curved screen in early 2013, we also saw a lot of conceptual style and design work. But, the news about it product we still only know a little through patent documents. Today the market already acquired smart phones uses curved oled screen such as Samsung’s Galaxy Edge line. Some analysts said, simply just saw the Galaxy Edge products, Apple chose to make iphone with OLED screen. Ogodeal will offer repair guide and repair parts and tools for iphone¬† oled screen soon.

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