2016 Q2 Smartphone Shipments Samsung First, iphone Second, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo in Top Five

Market research agency IDC released Thursday in the second quarter in the global smartphone market statistics report. , according to a new report in the second quarter from the global smartphone shipments for 343.3 million units, 342.Some million rose 0.3% from a year previously. Given the global smartphone shipments only rose 4.2% in the first quarter, this review showed: the smartphone market offers peaked.

As in previous quarters, samsung proceeds to dominate the smartphone market. Samsung’s smartphone shipments while in the second quarter are 77 million, more than the actual sum of the apple and huawei. Samsung’s smartphone shipments year-on-year growth from the second quarter of 4 million, the market industry share increased from 21.3% to be able to 22.4%.


Samsung’s smartphone market share of about 20% each quarter, but sometimes will be closer to 25%. IDC believes that the good results of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge is to promote the growth of samsung’s share, scalable storage, waterproof and faster chip configuration combination to win a favor of consumers. Samsung price cheaper J series mobile phone as well did well in equally developed and developing locations, thanks to the new equipment (J7, J5, J3).

Apple smartphone sales in the second quarter to get a second consecutive quarter of decline, share fell 3.1%, to 11.8% from 13.9% during the same period last year. Not just the iphone 6 s, iPhone6s Plus underperformed the former generation versions, low-priced version of the iphone se also still did not boost the apple mobile phone income. Now, apple hope iphone 7 can modify this situation.

Samsung topped 77 million has the best quarterly shipments, apple in 40 million ranked second, and who is the third? That’s perfect! Is China smartphone manufacturers, huawei, last quarter shipments in order to rise to 31 million units.

Huawei‘s share regarding smartphones in the second quarter growth associated with 0.8% to 9.4%, in third place; Oppo share growth involving 3.8% to 6.6%, the particular fourth; Vivo share growth of A pair of.1% to 4.8%, the fifth. Although Android and iOS duopoly situation will not transform soon, but samsung and apple duopoly position continues to collapse.
Awareness reduce Oppo, Vivo replaced after the fourth Lenovo, fifth Xiaomi, and is also expected to remain inside the top five smartphone manufacturers. On account of China’s smartphone market is saturated, the actual competition will become far more intense. these manufacturers Seeking to be able to enter the global market, low cost phones will be more attractive.

“In improvement to samsung in the Galaxy S7 flagship on accomplishment, including apple, most of the vendors on the inexpensive models of success,In . IDC mobile team manager Anthony Scasella said in a report, “as smartphone prices continue to fall, high-end market place competition intensifies, companies need to reduce price promotion flagship phone, encouraging customers to more frequently upgrade phone. Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and other Chinese brands have succeeded on this strategy, sales of high-end cellphone, focus on the most important options of for consumers, for example imaging, sound quality and design.In

Anyway, Canalys reports simply stated the global smartphone market rebound slightly when compared with last year, the market has not really been saturated and slower growth to provide any favourable outlook. Given this, this growth of the smartphone market will be likely to become more and more challenging, will be more competitive.
In your opinion, smartphone sales will continue to decline or even will return to development?

For repair business, out of those data we can see, it still have a very massive market, cellphone repair, and mobile phone repair parts still in massive demand, as smartphone will be those years tendency.


Which Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LCD screen assembly with frame should I buy?

Because Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge not so easy to open as well as repair, so maybe it is simpler for you to buy a full lcd screen assembly with frame.

As Samsung published lots of version on U . s ., so you might need to know how to choose the most appropriate one.

s7 edge frame.jpg

For all Samsung smartphone model another thing is same that each style lcd screen assembly without framework is same for all verison. In case lcd support frame /bezel distinct, then the lcd screen assembly with frame replacement will be different far too.

Here is the details for different type Samsung s7 edge lcd support frame/ front bezel.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935T [T-Mobile]
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935A [AT&T]
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935P [Sprint]
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935R [U.S. Cellular]
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F [International]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935V [Verizon]
Only this Verizon version is different than others, rest all in common use.

How to enhanced Mac sound ? Method is very simple: let Boom fix it

In case you like rock, or automated dance music friends, secure their ears? Come on, what you pursue is “noisy” move experiencing, but as an aside, for instance loud yes, don’t disturb others. Anyway, we can dispatch the volume of the headset to utmost, can also use the HIFI equipment in the house, but when it comes to the Macbook, this indicates to have a little weak subwoofer.
Speaking Boom, many Mac user needs to have come in contact with this software, it makes the actual Mac iMovie clips, iTunes music, YouTube, Netflix, services, Pandora, Apple music and all other software’s music be clear, more louder, almost like let’s dynamic sound field altered close to the ear, relatively closed down telepresence, iTunes equalizer effect? Regularly to all these drawbacks can be grabbed into the trash.

There are many Mac application related to music equalizer, but there is no-one to compete with Boom on the sales line.

Now, the latest version of this Boom goes beyond the original advanced equalizer, this brings a better frequency control and audio effect, it is file audio booster model also had very big improvement, 10 band equalizer, at the same time as well brought a lot of preset, as they say, the new version of the Boom might be more suitable for Mac’s latest super Cpu.

Consistently the interface of Boom really is easy, it just has few important factors, most of the work is done by the software in the background processing. We only really need to enjoy the final results.

boomboom two

Through the world wide sound, built-in sound, independent noise setup, we can let Mac sound has earth-shaking changes, that’s why Boom is really popular with the fans.

Don’t have to buy an additional adapter Mac HIFI, actually the method to solve the problem is so simple, a software is enough. Want more nice apple accessories, just go to ogodeal.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 different Version middle frame/bezel Name

Often you might broken your samsung galaxy note 3 front frame / bezel only, so at this time you can aquire a frame separately along with repair it by yourself, this is not easy, as tear down the middle frame and reassembly it need professional repair skills, so don’t do it easily as you might broken your  lcd screen assembly too.
It doesn’t matter you want repair frame merely or repair a full note 3 lcd screen assembly with frame, first you need to know which version frame it is, then you can definitely buy the right samsung repair parts replacement you need to have.

Below is information about the name of different version Samsung galaxy note 3 middle frame/bezel.

N900(international 3G)

N9005(international LTE 4G)

N900S/L/K(Korea version),


N900T(USA T-mobile)

N900V(USA verizon)

N900P (USA Sprint Version)


N9006(Chinese version)

N9008(China Mobile Version)

N9008V/S(China Mobile 4G)

N9002(China Unicom version)

N9009(China Telecom Version)

Here are details about different Front frame /bezel for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in common use or not.

N900A/T in common use both can fit for ATT and Tmobile version.

N900V /P  in common use both can fit for Verizon and Sprint version.

N900S/L/K in common use all can fit for all Korea version.

N9005/N9006/N9008 in common use all can fit.

N9002/N9009 in common use both can fit.

N9008V/N9008S in common use both can fit.

international version N900、USA ATT version N900A、Korea version N900S All not same.

note 3 frame.jpg

All indications Intel will become iphone 7 supplier

We have more than once heard prior to, Intel will provide LTE chip modules for the next era iphone, Apple no longer need to rely on Qualcomm. Right now, Intel has also hinted at this point.

Ogodeal latest news, recently at 2016 minute quarter financial report discussion, Intel said it has begun shipping the customers XMM 7360, ie LTE chip module. Currently Apple is the only major phone manufacturers using LTE chip on the market, Intel known as “client” basically can confirm is Apple. On the flip side, Qualcomm also suggests their greatest LTE chip module customers is getting a second vendor.

intel chip
Qualcomm LTE chip maximum buyer of course is Apple, and this “second supplier” in addition points to Intel. For now, all signals show that Intel’s LTE chips will appear with iphone 7 inside. Just about 50 nights later we will see apple iphone 7 on marketplace then we can finally today. We will have iphone 7 replacement  soon, please keep an eye on all of us.

Over the past few years, shipments connected with Windows PC devices are decline, major PC producers business has naturally disturbed. But perhaps the most worrisome, is Intel who has been on offer you processor chip for Windows Laptop or computer device. So for Intel, at this moment it has come to a crossroads. Prior to Intel find the next intersection, in those few years Apple will be the guide.

IPhone 7 Spy Photos From Chinese Oem Factory, Let’S Take A Look

Yesterday, ogodeal latest news Chinese Weibo users @KK low-key who is fairly active in exposure “iPhone 7” brings some spy photos believed to be the next generation iphone. Those secret agent photos maybe come from Chinese OEM factory, is the prototype of your iphone 7.

iphone 7 real model

If true, then the next generation iphone is likely to follow the design to construct the prototype, which is typically the most exposure iphone 7 “style”. Through these several pictures we can still examine those who have “memorized” features: antenna backside toward the top and underside, camera becomes larger, A 3.5mm headphone jack canceled. The above features also are reflected in this time secret agent photos, it seems that the appearance of iphone 7 do not need any substantially changed.

By those spy photos, it needs to belong to the 4.7 inches of the iphone 7, as for the iphone 7 plus 5.5 various inches rumor said it are going to be equipped with dual cameras and Smart Connector. Barring unforeseen circumstances this year Apple will relieve at least two iphone, as for the mystical “iPhone 7 Pro”, is full of unknowns. Once iphone 7 launched we will offer lots of iphone 7 parts for your repair business. For example iphone 7 lcd screen assembly, rear big camera, power flex etc.

Where can i find ic for Xiaomi Redmi smartphone?

Broken IC for Xiao Mi Redmi? Where can i find ic for Xiaomi Redmi smartphone?

Xiao Mi Redmi smartphone also it is cheap price but get high performance, so it got numerous Xiao Mi funs. During your repair you might need to fix some logical plank IC problem.

We got some info about the inner side sense board ic details, anyone can find the position and name of your IC Here.

Red Mi ic details for your repairRed Mi ic details

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