Samsung Galaxy S8 Rose edition landed around the European market: Sell not less than 6230 yuan

To provide special color edition mobile phones for some areas is definitely the marketing methods of Samsung company. European users can not purchase the local licensed pink form of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but today in The european countries, Samsung officially released the S8 Or S8 + mobile phone rose edition, the cost are respectively 799 euros (about 6230 yuan) and 899 euros (about 7,Thousand yuan).

The configuration of Samsung Galaxy S8 Increased by version and other versions will not be different, but for a cover. the National line version of Samsung Galaxy S8 provides include all the colors on the market .
Samsung Galaxy S8 rose pink edition can land on the European market noisy . October,. According to the past experience, the buying price of European market will certainly be more pricey than other places, and the expense of National Barbie pink release Galaxy S8 64gb is 5688 yuan and Galaxy S8 + is 6188 yuan.Galaxy S8 parts at wholesale prices check here.


The total sales of Apple watch could reach 33 million dollars, with the revenue of 12 billion US dollars

According to the report connected with 9to5Mac, Horace Dediu, the founder of market research company Asymco,, and a well-known mobile industry specialist Horace Dediu, has estimated Apple‘s total sales may reach 33 along with created 120 Billion dollars in revenue since its launch. Horace Dediu envisioned that Apple Watch’s sales has attained 15 million in the past 12 months, the same period sales of 490 million US dollars.


Whilst analysts have never hesitated to publish various assessment data, but Horace Dediu has a good reason to prove that the forecasts are reliable. Actually is well liked predicted that Apple watch sales continues to grow. Horace Dediu pointed out in his text that he had given her own forecast data before Apple Ceo Ricky Cook announced that Apple watch had sold more than Rolex, and that most of these predictions were consistent with Cook’s Data.
“We all know that Rolex produces about 1 million wristwatches a year and Rolex features sales of $ 4.7 billion in 2016. As a result, the average revenue per watch is concerning $ 4,700. My estimate is that Apple In the past 12 months sold concerning 15 million watches, the average price of about $ 330. This makes Apple Watch’s revenue attained 4.9 billion US dollars, indeed higher than Rolex.

Cook additionally noted that Apple Watch’s sales within the last few quarter has increased by 50%, and that is consistent with the chart developed by Asymco. Horace Dediu thinks, apparently Apple watch has been successful. Rolex spent 112 years to become this king of the watch industry, and also Apple took only two and a half years. Although the current version LTE Apple watch may be used without binding with the iphone, nevertheless it still needs iphone activation, as well as battery life is limited, which means that it is always a companion equipment. Horace Dediu forecast that this situation will change.
The fact is, Horace Dediu has compared the Apple Watch’s possible with the first iphone, the original iphone in addition need Mac or PC to become trigger. “Apple Watch Series 3 is not only more powerful than the very first generation iphone, but it also has a tiny screen ipod, Internet communication and cell phone integration. However, it is not just the mini version of the iphone, although a new product, Is focused on the field of health and well-being. This is a key point. IPhone was born just mobile phone, but the function has been an unprecedented increase, which happens to be its creators can not foresee. Broken apple watch Series 1 screen, possibly it is time to buy a apple watch series 3.
“This watch can only be used to view the time, but it is gonna beyond the early iphone and going in the new direction.” Horace Dediu reported. In fact, we talked about Resting Rate Arrhythmia and Atrial fibrillation at a modern conference,which indicates that the brand new watch function will follow. Apple watch Series 3’s reviews are basically positive, we can claim that it opens up a new globe.

The secret of iphone 8 plus dual camera: really larger

In the previous conference, Apple said that iphone 8 uses a larger size of the sensor, so the camera will have a better operation compared to iphone 7. However, after the meeting, the insiders believes which iphone 8 and iphone 7 plus are likely to be equipped with an equivalent camera, but better. What’s more credible? Now more definitive argument.

Techinsights has dismantled the particular iphone 8 plus, and after the observation involving iphone 8 dual camera module through the X-ray, confirmed the dual camera module is still from Sony enterprise.

Specifically, the iphone 8 plus has a most important camera size of 6.29mm x 5.21mm and an area of 32.8 square mm. For comparison, the iphone 7 Plus’s main digital camera size is 32.3 square millimeters.

So, the more credible debate is that the iphone 8 plus really uses a fresh camera, but compared to the iphone 7 plus regarding hardware specifications may not be totally obvious, but slightly larger pixel size.We will offer iphone 8 parts also iphone 8 plus parts as soon as possible.
Foreign media believe that iphone 8 plus this time uses a single pixel sensor size of 1.2’m, focus mode for the phase focus, which should be the initially use of this focus on the iphone.There isn’t anything to introduce about Telephoto camera, solitary pixel size of 1’m, not equipped with optical image stabilization also.

It needs to be metioned that although the hardware improve is not big, but the efficiency of iphone 8 plus camera this time is a amazing, DxOmark published the results, show that the iphone 8 plus camera / online video score of 94 items, iphone 8 score of 92 issues.As a comparison, iphone 7 plus score regarding 88 points, iphone 7 is 85 points, Htc U11 and Google Pixel’s score is barely 90 points only.

Samsung A7 2018 has been exposed already, let’s take a glance

Samsung‘s own A series mobile phones have always been a good choice in the medium-grade machines. Not long ago Samsung A7 2018 protective shell and setup information have been exposed around the microblog , what is the special thing about this telephone this yea? Let us collectively have a look!


Firstly in appearance, the Samsung A7 2018 is still rounded design, pre-loaded with
dual-camera on the back, the adobe flash is located on the right. Moreover, the machine retains the 3.5mm headphone jack, the complete design, it should be a good model.

In configuration, the Samsung A7 2018 provides you with a frequency of 2.21GHz clocked eight-core chip, Mali-G71? GPU, with 4GBRAM + 32gb? ROM storage, 1080p screen image resolution. This phone may be furnished with16 million pixel dual rear camera, Android 7.One particular.1 system. According to the know-how bloggers @ i snow universe’s analysis, this phone is usually equipped with 8 core processor, good frequency and GPU parameters, doing the laundry the previous exposed Exynos 9610 configuration. Require a good Samsung screen wholesale supplier Merely check here.

Exposure of Htc U11 Plus: 6-inch full screen, produced in November

Yesterday, Htc released the original Pixel mobile phone team might be sold to Google, also stated that this does not affect its own brand, another flagship model will be released soon. Now with the French media reported that phone is likely to be Htc U11 Plus.

It is truly worth mentioning that, just a few times ago, there are news of which Htc plans to release f a couple of new machines before the ending of this year. Now with the French media, one of the fresh machines is named U11 Plus (code-named Ocean Grasp), it is said that this is the first Htc 18: 9 width-height ratio full- screen phone.
Htc U11 Plus make use of Jdi 5.99-inch display with a resolution of a,440×2,880, equipped with a Xiao Long 835 brand, 4 / 6gb RAM and 64 Or 128gb UFS 2.1 RO M. The machine will also be equipped with 12 million pixel raise camera, 8 million pixel front camera, service IP68 dustproof , waterproof and Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charge technology, the machine will also support Edge Sense border extrusion function.Want htc parts, just check here.
It is actually reported that HTCU11 Plus will be launched in November 11 in China, it is far from clear whether it will be accessible in other markets.

The sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have got refreshed the best results in the reputation of Samsung

After landing last week in great britan and the Irish region, Samsung announced this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has refreshed the best results inside the history of Samsung, although the official wouldn’t disclose the specific sales facts, but just claimed that Galaxy Note 8 is regarded as the successful flagship phone. And this historical breakthrough’s sales should be confined to the UK and the Irish region, rather than the global total sales.In this article you can get a nice galaxy note 8 case to guard your phone very well.

In the event that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can continue to maintain the best sales, it is likely to be Samsung’s best-selling Galaxy Note series mobile phones. Taking into account that Galaxy Note 8 has acquired a lot of positive feedback following your launch in market, it is not surprising to get this achievement .

Iphone x global price ranking listing: National price actually just ranked fifth

Iphone x was launched last week, but the high selling price discouraged many people. The price is usually so high close to million, really not an average person can afford it. Recently, unusual media showed the global iphone x cost ranking, National price is merely ranked fifth.

From this standing we can easily see that the highest price of iphone x is Russia, reached 1390.3 US dollars, while European countries, Britain, Mexico followed, the amount was 1376.61 US dollars, 1338.26 us dollars and 1325.04 US dollars. Mainland China iphone x value ranked fifth in the world, its cost is about 1279.61 US dollars, while the United States is the cheapest, only $ 999, China is the second cheap, costing only about 1018.81 US dollars, while China Hong Kong is 1099.29 US dollars.Incredible iphone x case to give your iphone x a full security.


For our domestic users, Japan and the United States version would be the most appropriate if want to buy an economical iphone x, but the shortcomings are clear. If no money to uncover US version, then the new iphone x can be useless after return, even though the Japanese version is not easy to buy, and the purchase of foreign variants will bring a lot of freight along with issues. Rather than buy a cheap version of the iphone x, it is better to pay out some money to buy a nationwide one.